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Cowhide Footstool Cube

From £350.00
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Cowhide footstool cube stool ottoman 42x42cm (17"x17") - custom made. Made using a cowhide colour or colour combination of your choice. We will send you images of the hides we have in stock before we proceed to production. For bespoke enquires, please click here! NOTE: UPON ORDERING WE WILL SEND YOU A DIRECT LINK TO THE HIDES WHICH WE HAVE IN STOCK SO THAT YOU CAN PICK THE EXACT HIDE WE USED IN THE PRODUCTION OF YOUR COWHIDE FOOTSTOOL CUBE.

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Key product features: 

  • 50mm (2 inches) foam padding top making it a perfect seating solution. The sides are also padded with 25mm (1 inch) foam.
  • We use 20mm (3/4”) plywood for a super strong reinforced inner construction.
  • We layer the wooden construction with specialist upholstery foam padding to provide the footstool with its impressive appearance and great level of comfort.
  • Completely stitched from the inside to further enhance the appearance and also increase longevity.
  • We add plastic gliders to the bottom of the footstool to prevent scratching on wooden, laminate and tiled floors.
  • These footstools are handmade in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom.
  • For bespoke inquiries and special sizes please message us and we will get back to you with a quote.

We have over 30 years of experience in upholstery and we pride ourselves on excellent quality.

UK £10.00 Per Item
USA £75.00 Per Item

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